The village
of Chiusdino

the legend of the sword
in the stone and more.
Chiusdino village
Chiusdino, in the province of Siena, is one of the most fascinating medieval fortified villages in Tuscany. Perched on a knoll in the Metalliferous Hills, it has just under two thousand inhabitants. The town still maintains the medieval appearance of the past, even preserving some of the features of the double walls. The house of San Galgano is famous, dating back to the Middle Ages, where it is thought that the saint was born around 1150.
Among the religious buildings of the town we find the Propositura di San Michele Arcangelo, the church of San Martino and the abbey of San Galgano. The latter stands out among others for its impressive and grandiose remains, and occupies the area called “Rotonda di Montesiepi”. It consists of a hermitage and what remains of the ecclesiastical building: the walls, without the roof and the floor. Many tourists and cinemas are attracted by the legend hidden among these remains.
In fact, it is said that the archangel Gabriel appeared in a dream to Cavalier Galgano Guidotti, after leading a dissolute life, and led him back to the right path. Having abandoned his possessions, Galgano became a hermit on the nearby hill of Montesiepi, retired to a solitary life and converted to Christianity in 1180. He stuck his sword in the stone to recreate the symbol of the Cross, and the miracle extended his fame to the point of founding a great Cistercian abbey. The sword is still there, well preserved and guarded within the walls of the church, and the abbey and the nearby Via Francigena gave the town a considerable development.
The medieval noble residences in Via Paolo Mascagni, the main axis of the village, which divides the Portino district with the Le Buche district, are also particular and well maintained. These noble palaces are located in one of the most elegant districts of the village of Chiusdino. At the end of this street opens the rural area, which houses the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, in Baroque style.
Therefore, visiting Chiusdino, before going to the incredible San Galgano abbey, offers us a good insight into the experience of the Middle Ages and sweeping views of the woods and the Merse valley.
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