The village of Bolgheri and its fine wines
Enchanting landscape and fairytale wine: this is Bolgheri, a fraction of the municipality of Castagneto Carducci which rises in the center of the Maremma Livornese. The name of the town derives from a military settlement of Bulgarians, allies of the Lombards, who settled there in a defensive position against a possible landing of Byzantine troops.
The quaint village developed around the perfectly restored medieval castle in red brick, which stands on a hill, reachable through the charming and fascinating Viale dei Cipressi. Bolgheri, with its cozy center, its characteristic stone houses, its shops and its alleys, will win you over at every glance and in every corner.
Nature is uncontaminated: the forest dominates the hills, and turning your gaze to the west you can admire the blue of the sea. The vineyards and the ancient olive trees are set in the green of the Mediterranean scrub, while the village seems not to have suffered the ailments of the passage of time.
And if the country enchants you with its beauty, the wine will surely inebriate your minds and your palate. Here you can taste excellent wines, renowned and famous all over the world, fragrant, complex, generous wines that speak of the territory.
The production area runs parallel to the northern Maremma coast and manages to make wines that are considered masterpieces in continuous growth, thanks above all to the characteristics of the soil and its mild, sunny and ventilated climate at the right point. The most famous of all the wines produced is Bolgheri Sassicaia, which comes from the Tenuta San Guido company and is considered one of the most prized reds, therefore also among the most expensive. The production then continues with the Bolgheri Superiore and the great IGTs, the wide range of Bolgheri Rosso and much more.
The Bolgheri DOC consortium, which includes about thirty companies in the area, guarantees the relevant and absolute quality of the products.
It is therefore absolutely worth going to the discovery of this village, strolling through the small streets, walking to the castle and treating yourself to the unique pleasure of a good glass of red, drunk with your gaze turned towards a wonderful panorama.
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